Academic Opportunities

Yale Divinity School provides academic opportunities intersecting religion and ecology, sustainability and other environmentally themed topics. Sample classes that have been taught in recent semesters with environmental and ecological themes are listed below.

In Fall 2015, two hybrid courses will be offered through the Yale Divinity School and the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Taught by Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, the first course Thomas Berry: Life and Thought will run from September to October and the second, Journey of the Universe, from October to December. In addition, Matthew Riley’s course on Christianity and Ecology will be offered as well as Paul Lussier’s course titled Towards Science Communications with Impact. Both of these classes will meet in person and run throughout the semester. To learn more about these classes and those available this spring visit 2015-2016 Classes.

The Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and Yale Divinity School offer a joint Masters degree program in Religion and Ecology.  It is aimed at students who wish to integrate the study of environmental issues and religious communities in their professional careers and for those who wish to study the cultural and ethical dimensions of environmental problems. 

Ministry for the Earth Community, co-sponsored by the Divinity School and the Forum on Religion and Ecology, is a new leadership training program offered to any student, particularly those whose degree requirements may not allow them to take a semester elective. Beginning in fall 2014, the three-year pilot program combines theory and practice with hands-on activities. Participants will develop skills to foster a sense of creation care among religious leaders and tools to grow this sense of co-dependence and mutual respect for the Earth in our communities. 


Classes with ecological/theological/ethical themes:

  • American Indian Religions and Ecology
  • Contemporary Christian Spirituality 
  • Contemporary Cosmology and Christian Ethics
  • Eco-theology
  • Environmental Ethics 
  • Environmental History and Ethics 
  • Foundations of Christian Worship 
  • Introduction to Christian Ethics II: Contemporary Trajectories 
  • Global Ethics
  • Indigenous Religions and Ecology
  • Neighborhood Ethics
  • Old Testament Interpretation: The Pentateuch
  • Political Economy of Misery
  • Prophetic Preaching 
  • Reel Presence 
  • Sacramental Theology 
  • Scripture and Social Ethics 
  • Theology, Ethics, and Environment (formerly known as “Environmental Theologies”)
  • Vexations: Religion and Politics in the Black Community
  • World Religions and Ecology: The Abrahamic Religions
  • World Religions and Ecology: The Asian Religions      
  • Social Justice: Christian Ethics in Community Engagement
  • The Ethics of St. Augustine
  • Foundations of Christian Worship
  • Religion in the American West
  • Prophetic Preaching
  • Theology and Ecology