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Compost Campaign Kicks Off - Monday, March 24 2014

YDS Sustainability is kicking off a campaign aimed to increase compost awareness and participation both on campus and in our personal living spaces. The questions "What is Compost?", "How Do I Compost?", and "Why Should I Compost?" will be answered in a short email series throughout the week; also as part of our initiative, new posters have been hung in the refectory, the kitchenettes, and the Canner Street apartments. Along with these new posters, a 'cheat sheet' with important composting information is available for students to take home with them. We encourage everyone to participate in our raffle - we are giving away compost bins to our lucky winners! 


Stacy Spell Speaking for MLK Day Talk, Monday, January 20th at 4:30

Join us for Stacy Spell's talk, co-sponsored by Yale Divinity School, Yale Sustainable Food Project, and Pierson College.  Stacy will be sharing his story of inspiring, uniting, and transforming communities.  The talk is open to the public and begins at 4:30pm at 261 Park Street.

MLK Day Talk

YDS Sustainability Team collects reusable mugs to reduce waste at coffee hour

We collected 45 mugs over a 5 day period in the YDS common room. Most donations came in in the first 2 days. It is estimated that presently we have enough mugs to continue offering coffee hours with very little waste from disposed items. If you have any more mugs that you would like to donate, or if you have questions related to the mug drive, contact jordan.conerty@yale.edu.

2013-2014 Modlet Installation in the Sterling Divinity Apartments

With the help of many students and staff members, nearly every Sterling Divinity apartment has had their modlets installed. In order to monitor their own energy use, residents must set up user accounts here. using that account information, residents can log in to www.mymodlet.com at any time to see how much energy they have saved!

modlet project

photo courtesy of ThinkEco inc. Click Here for original location.

YDS Sustainability strives to reduce energy use in the Sterling Divinity Quadrangle apartments

 With the beginning of a new school year, YDS is renewing its commitment to environmental sustainability with an improved & continuing energy saving project. As part of Yale Divinity School's ongoing sustainability initiatives, we have obtained funding in partnership with the Yale Office of Sustainability to re-install and a new technology in Bellamy, Curtis, and Fisher Hall with the goal of reducing our energy consumption. Those who lived in the Sterling Divinity Apartments last school year are already familiar with a previous incarnation of the program.

The technology is called a modlet (short for “modern outlet”), and has been developed in part by several Yale graduates with a company called ThinkEco, Inc. The modlet plugs directly into your existing wall outlet, and monitors and controls the energy consumption of your plugged-in devices. The modlet's built in smarts allow it to wirelessly communicate with your PC through an Internet-connected gateway unit. ThinkEco's web-based software allows you and YDS Sustainability to view regular energy consumption patterns, and keep track of your savings! YDS is collecting data on an aggregate (by building & floor) rather than individual level. 

If you have any questions, please look here or email charles.graves@yale.edu .




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